The USGS Lidar Priorities Collector Tool



The USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) manages the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), a program designed to acquire nationwide lidar for the lower 48, Hawaii and the US Territories and lfSAR data over Alaska.  The NGP works with Federal, State, Tribal and Local agencies to set priorities and establish the annual acquisition plans.  Annual plans are based on the availability of funding.

3DEP utilizes a shared system (NOAA sponsored Seasketch:  U.S. Federal Mapping Coordination – A Demonstration Site for Federal Mapping Data Acquisition Coordination) for planning, coordinating partnerships, and tracking elevation data acquisition projects. The system supports the maintenance and publishing of

  • Mapping Priorities: Needs, Requirements
  • Planned and Ongoing Mapping Projects
  • Existing Data

The Federal agencies that partner on the 3DEP compile their priorities for lidar acquisition and publish them on Seasketch.  3DEP partners are currently setting priorities and establishing the base acquisition plans for the next 3 fiscal years (FY21 - FY23). USGS programs submit their lidar priorities through the USGS Lidar Priorities Collector Tool. The requirements will be viewable as USGS 3DEP Areas of Interest in the Mapping Priorities: Needs, Requirements, Topographic Lidar 3DEP Areas of Interest,Federal 3DEP Interests. Users are encouraged to check seasketch for existing 3DEP Lidar in their area of interest before submitting a new requirement.